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Dermisil is produced by Nature's Innovation, Inc, a US-based company.

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Nature's Innovation, Inc.
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Nature's Innovation, Inc.
2723 Brickton North Drive
Buford, GA 30518


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Rating Given: 6

Dermisil comes with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee to the value of product's purchase price (ie, not including shipping costs). In our review of Dermisil's Money Back Guarantee, we considered that some customers may find the conditions of the Guarantee burdensome as, in order to make a claim, customers must be prepared to outline exactly how they used the product.

Although the Guarantee policy is not unconditional and does not appear as simple a process as some other brands, all relevant information is provided on the product's website and is clearly set out. Customers are advsied to consider the terms of the Guarantee before purchase.

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